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Service Delivery Standards

Astound Commerce’s methodologies have been meticulously refined through our years of experience deploying and operating global ecommerce systems for the world’s most iconic brands and retailers. Today, you can leverage our group knowledge, processes, experience and expertise to streamline your ecommerce development, reduce costs and risk and get the greatest possible value from your online implementation and operation.

Ecommerce Delivery
Our system development life cycle

All Astound Commerce projects follow the same carefully developed system development life cycle (SDLC), and we support our project management teams to make sure:

  • Your project follows best practice
  • Your project team is free to concentrate on the work at hand
  • You pay for the actual project, not the organization of it

We take time to make sure our project life cycles work for you too, by working closely with you to understand your level of ecommerce expertise, your expectations of participation and your other vendors or partners. We then tailor our project life cycle to your specific engagement needs.


Our SDLC matrix allows us to find the best fit for your business:

Resource allocation and planning

We track every resource engaged in your project so that no development time or money is wasted. High level project planning, resource management and decision making is performed in OnePoint. As the project transitions from planning to development, JIRA connectivity provides real-time low level data to compare with high-level plans, ensuring compliance with our and your initial expectations.

This approach lets us plan and allocate resource across multiple programs and projects with maximum efficiency. We share transparent reporting with you:


Time and dependencies are the central to the success of project planning. We use GANTT to categorize our phases, giving us a clear view of our project delivery schedule:

Project Pipeline

With our unique project pipeline, you can see all projects, with at-a-glance current status across effort, time and cost.

Work breakdown structure (WBS)

With transparent WBS we are able to plan and manage key project goals. WBS helps us to standardize project planning and pre-build work based on established governance and quality standards.



We'll help you get digital right. Because we're focused on your needs, we'll tailor our services to suit you. Whatever your sector, we'll provide comprehensive digital commerce technology.