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Intershop Certified Implementation Partner.
Equip your complex, multi-brand, multichannel retail operation with comprehensive customer interaction strategies, guided navigation, and impeccable user experiences.
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Intershop Enfinity gives you a powerbase for a serious ecommerce operation for enterprise-class B2C and B2B operations.

Since 2000, Astound Commerce has worked with Intershop to help businesses to fully utilize the unique functionality of this powerful platform across product, content and order management, marketing tools and integration capabilities.

Intershop Enfinity Suite 6 allows you to aggregate and manage all your ecommerce channels on a single platform, streamlining and enhancing your relationships with consumers, partners, and suppliers.

Combining Intershop capabilities with our experience in implementing and managing enterprise-level ecommerce solutions, we deliver fully integrated solutions for B2C and B2B multichannel/multi-brand ventures.

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Recent Intershop successes
Parts town SVG
Parts town
Parts town
Developing highly customized ecommerce solution for Parts Town.
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Ecommerce development / Creative services / Subscription based services
Gumps SVG
User experience and ecommerce implementation for Gumps.
Project story i
Ecommerce development / consulting services / subscription based services / engineering talent
Woodland Hills SVG
Woodland Hills
Woodland Hills
Creative design and UX consulting for Woodland Hills.
Project story i
Ecommerce development / consulting and agency related services / standardized service standards / engineering talent
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