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Kibo Certified Implementation Partner
Go beyond automated omnichannel commerce and achieve total commerce across every channel, online and off, with Kibo’s customer driven commerce.
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The Kibo Experts

Kibo is the latest leading ecommerce platform to be added to the Astound Commerce portfolio. This customer-driven platform allows us to expand the breadth of solutions we offer to meet the needs of mid-market customers.

With a complete, mature technology and compelling features at a highly competitive price point, Kibo is the undisputed leader in the mid-market segment.

Leading global
solutions provider
Qualified and
certified developers
and architects
What they say
This partnership allows us to scale our sales and presence globally by letting Astound's experienced implementation teams focus on customer deployments and support while we can focus on maintaining and developing our technology. Astound leads many platform selection reviews and brings a proven process and methodology to ecommerce technology deployments.
- Ken Burke, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Kibo
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