What is Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager?

Kyle Montgomery
Vice President, Salesforce Commerce, at Astound Commerce

Built on the premise of offering businesses a 360-degree view of their customers, Salesforce solutions have been mostly effective––as long as companies maintained strong data security, integration, and governance policies.

But for those businesses with multiple customer systems across multiple departments (in other words, every business), synchronizing data has been a challenge. 

“The reality is that most companies are using dozens of tools to help them manage customer information across departments—from sales, to marketing, to commerce, to IT––and very often these tools don’t work together,” says Jody Farrar, director of product marketing at Salesforce. “That really creates a lot of silos and breakdowns in customer data.”


Enter Customer 360 Data Manager. This new platform from Salesforce allows users to connect all customer data across their business, including multiple Salesforce B2C Commerce instances and external systems. It is Salesforce’s data governance and synchronization hub, boasting point-and-click features for data maintenance while providing a view into customer data and the quality of that customer data.

Expect it to make a big splash at Dreamforce 2019.


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