Too Many Technology Choices? Astound’s Partner Ecosystem Can Help You Succeed

Tim Sabens
Director of Partnership Channels and Alliances at Astound Commerce

The ecommerce industry is rife with impressive and cutting-edge technologies vying for position among their competition, with the unstated objective of acquiring as much as possible of a finite market of opportunity.

For brands in retail verticals staring digital transformation in the face, this avalanche of technology can be so overwhelming that it often causes a paralytic response toward exploring and evaluating the myriad options, even in a single category such as payments or content management.

At Astound Commerce, we have been working toward capabilities to better evaluate and measure ecommerce technologies, individually and at the category level, so that we can better position our clients for growth, scalability, and customer satisfaction. The efforts of our partnership team intentionally dovetail into the objectives our client success teams work toward achieving every day. How does Astound’s partner ecosystem benefit our clients?

Trusted Advisors

Our third-party technology evaluation engine is constantly running. This engine is built to view the landscape of technologies via a series of measurements and data. The information is analyzed through the lens of industry analysts, feature comparisons, industry news, and customer feedback. Astound’s own classification and scoring process enables us to identify the best technologies for our clients.

Shared Success

In an industry where there are continual technology disruptions and a seemingly infinite choice of service providers, we aim to cut through the fog and help our clients focus on solutions that address their specific needs and challenges, as well as recommend new solutions that may not be at the forefront of their thoughts. Shared success to Astound means we’ve invested in understanding the technology landscape and our clients can confidently integrate the best solutions, resulting in their success.

Long-Term Value

The technology in our industry is in a continual state of evolution. Visit any commerce-focused tradeshow expo floor, and you will see rows and floors of companies promoting solutions that look and function in similar fashion to the dozens of other technologies in their category. Exploring and selecting the best fit for your organization can be daunting. How do you know you are making the right decision for the long term? Astound can help. We have 20 years of experience integrating thousands of technologies for global, enterprise-level brands. We understand the importance of selecting technologies that offer the best long-term value for clients.


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