Transitioning Systems Integrators for Ongoing Solution Support

Turning the many components of ecommerce into a powerful and profitable whole

Lars Feldscher
Chief Executive Officer at Astound Commerce DACH

When it’s done right, ecommerce is smooth and seamless. It looks simple—indeed, it is simple: consumers intuitively engage options on a well-functioning site, somehow knowing where to go and how to get there without conscious effort. The platform is configured to anticipate their needs and desires, and effortlessly enhance their shopping journeys. 

But this “simplicity” is deceptive. That’s because the digital technology that underlies any stellar ecommerce site is necessarily complex. It’s bleeding edge—and it has to stay that way through the rapid evolutions that characterize the digital marketplace. Ecommerce is not static, and its infrastructure must support steady growth in traffic and constant shifts in consumer interests and preferences. The digital business platform that can’t adjust is the digital business platform that goes down, taking customers and revenues with it. 

A reliable systems integrator is therefore an essential partner in any ecommerce endeavor. Success requires engineers and analysts who can integrate and implement subsystems—hardware, platforms, architecture, interfaces, UX, and UI —into a single, elegant, powerful entity. Moreover, systems integrators must be capable of performing this feat in an ongoing fashion, bringing formidable diagnostic and troubleshooting skills to bear as market conditions change, new and superior digital components and tools become available, and glitches occur.

Often, companies find it necessary to switch systems integrators. The reasons can be varied, ranging from poor performance by the contractor to changing priorities on the part of the client. In all cases, a strong transition partner is needed to make the process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible. 

SI partners with the bona fides that guarantee successful transitioning are rare. But at Astound Commerce, SI transitioning is central to what we do. 

When we join a partnership to facilitate systems integration transition, we first meet with the client and the established systems integrator to create a detailed handover timeline. We cover every possible subject and contingency, including documentation and code, build process, setup and testing, environment setup, review of backlog tickets, and ticket release planning. 

All issues are linked to milestones that are firm and resolutely met. Deadlines are sacrosanct at Astound. We understand that platform sluggishness or downtime translates into lost opportunities—and ultimately, lost revenues. From buildout to maintenance and upgrades, we pursue our systems integration mandate with client satisfaction as the one and only goal. Proof? Our partners speak for us, as demonstrated by a recent testimonial from Ken Kralick, the global director of ecommerce for PUMA Group.

“You guys have certainly been great partners with us this year in spite of the crazy times from the virus,” Kralick writes of our work together. “With the collaboration amongst all our teams, we will navigate the COVID situation together and come out very strong indeed.”

As a global authority in the mechanics of the digital economy, Astound Commerce addresses all aspects of ecommerce technology and strategy. For an understanding of the importance of Solution support and Astound’s expertise in the field, read Solution Support: The Key to Site Stability and Growth.


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