Disruption and Recovery

For healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, digital is no longer the future. It's now.

For years, disruption was the buzzword. Everyone wanted to transform. Now, transformation is not optional given the irrevocable changes to the digital landscape that our recent health crises have wrought.

Tina Wilson

Since the beginning of 2020, the world has seen an unprecedented time of challenge and change. Health is our most important topic. We have been forced to contend with the inability to interact through normal, comfortable channels in almost every aspect of our lives, especially in our approach to health and wellness. This is felt from the way we interact to the ways in which we seek care, as well as those in which we shop and provide for our families. To survive, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have shifted internal conversations, as well as long-range and short-term roadmaps to navigate uncharted and previously unmapped journeys to simply reach their consumers. All the while, companies are recognizing that patients are consumers, and they are generally very well informed.

Companies have touted their intentions toward “disruption,” as well as the “transformation” of their businesses and key relationships for years. However, given the recent and devastating COVID-19 pandemic, transformation of the digital landscape for most companies has become a forced priority and drastically altered marketing and sales trajectories. In addition, organizational views on how to conduct business in a world where in-person conversations equate to potential exposure and significant health risks have forced organizations to reflect upon better ways of doing business while protecting employees and consumers. Here are three ways to help companies recover, re-engage, and recognize their new reality.

  1. How can we recover from social distancing and weeks of closures? Companies that were predominantly engaged with digitally native or adaptive consumers and built with a strong ecommerce ecosystem are far more likely to recover and sustain long-term growth. Businesses that engage with consumers quickly through alternate digital channels are also more likely to survive the current economic downturn and maintain consumer loyalty.
  2. How can we re-engage our consumers with the least amount of risk to their wellbeing and our long-term business? This question is being asked in virtual boardrooms and online meetings on a daily basis. Gone are the days when simply pushing a message through traditional marketing channels or having sales representatives stop by with lunch or treats for the office is sufficient to secure sales. In order for companies to remain engaged with loyal consumers or re-engage lost accounts, they must consider alternative means for consumer engagement. This includes the use of multiple channels, with information that is relevant to their current situation and demonstrates, very clearly, that the company truly cares about their challenges. In addition, companies must carefully consider their ability to humanize their messaging to inspire brand valuation and loyalty from healthcare providers and end consumers.

  1. How can we embrace our “new normal”?  Reaching consumers in our current environment demands a creative omnichannel approach—one that engages entire digital ecosystems—and a foundational desire to reach patients with the right message in the right way, at the right time. The time is now. People are in need of innovative interaction, meaningful messaging, and careful content that demonstrates the desire for connection. Patients want to know they matter. Organizations that can clearly communicate the value they place on the foundational relationships with their healthcare providers and their patients can achieve a level of consumer recognition and connection that outlasts current health and political crises.

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