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Long-time Astound Commerce partner Mobify acquired by Salesforce.

Today, Salesforce officially completed its acquisition of Mobify, a long-time partner of Astound Commerce.

Alicia Lynch
Senior Writer at Astound

According to Mobify CEO Igor Faletski, per the terms of the acquisition, the company will provide Salesforce Commerce Cloud with a modern store-front solution so brands can customize commerce experiences faster and more frequently, deliver a cross-channel enhanced shopping experience, and further increase conversion and revenue.

“Delivering a modern digital experience is more important than ever. The world has transitioned to a digital-first economy, and online has become the lifeline for many businesses,” said Faletski. “This is a natural extension of our multi-year partnership with Salesforce, and an exciting milestone for our customers, partners, and employees.”

“Mobify has been an Astound partner since 2016. We’ve long recognized the value of progressive web apps as a game-changing technology, and Mobify is a pioneer in this space. Salesforce’s acquisition of this well-established platform only further enables partners like us to create great responsive customer experiences,” said Igor Gorin, cofounder and North America CEO of Astound Commerce. “Mobify will allow Salesforce customers looking to deliver progressive app features along with fantastic site performance an option in how they deploy their commerce experiences on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.”

Astound Commerce recently migrated a joint Astound-Salesforce customer from a responsive site to a progressive web app (PWA) on the Mobify platform as a test case. The PWA site led to 16 percent higher conversion rates and a 14 percent growth in revenue per user. With those results, the company greenlighted the rollout of PWA globally. Now, the frictionless PWA experience carries customers throughout the site seamlessly, making navigation between product pages to categories painless and intuitive.

Today’s new normal demands flexibility and agility, with new customer expectations, channels, platforms, and business requirements. As a multi-year Salesforce Platinum Partner with two decades of expertise in bringing brands to the forefront of the digital commerce space, Astound looks forward to continuing to bring innovative, measurable, and profitable solutions to its clients, and their customers, for years to come


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