Astound Commerce Cofounder Ilya Vinogradsky Takes New Role as COO and CIO

Scaling new heights as the company sets course for its North Star

Alicia Lynch
Senior Writer at Astound Commerce

Astound Commerce congratulates Ilya Vinogradsky, one of the company’s three cofounders and its longtime CTO, on his recent promotion to COO/CIO. 

Ilya is taking on the critical new role of COO/CIO at Astound and will be responsible for both business operations and the operations that produce Astound’s products and solutions. He will continue to head up Astound’s critical Delivery organization, and, beginning November 1, both process architecture and IT infrastructure will report to him.

“I am thrilled that Ilya has taken on this critical role for Astound Commerce as we move toward the future,” says Astound Global CEO Michael Kahn. “He helped found the company, built out and leads its world-class Delivery operation responsible for the production of its world-class commerce solutions, and is a passionate team leader and builder,” Kahn continues. “I know that as COO/CIO, Ilya will raise Astound’s organizational effectiveness and connectivity to the highest levels.”

Ilya has been a constant and critical component in the company’s success over the last two decades, notably championing Astound’s core values and shared success model. “I am excited to take on the new role to continue contributing to the growth of the organization,” Ilya says. “Over the past 20 years, we have been able to accomplish a lot, establishing Astound Commerce as a global expert in digital commerce services and building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. I look forward to collaborating with our team around the world to achieve aggressive goals for the future.”

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