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How to foster high performing sales teams

Sales used to be about convincing, persuading, handling objections, and overcoming resistance. Everything was about closing the deal. According to Salesforce’s 2020 State of Sales report, “Today, sales teams must become trusted advisors, helping customers achieve goals, solve problems, and satisfy needs.”

Sean Dunn
EVP, Head of Demand, at Astound Commerce

This type of partnership requires real-time, actionable knowledge that combines products, services, client relations, and customer service with contextually relevant marketing tools, insights, and assets. Equally important, the framework must work symbiotically for the sales representative and the customer, or its value in the market will be fleeting. Sales teams require seamless integration into their sales processes. They require intelligence at their fingertips. Let’s be clear, they want to close deals and build relationships quicker, smarter, and with more value per customer. 

Unfortunately, sales teams have not uniformly shifted into the trusted advisor role. As Salesforce points out in their report, only 24 percent of Fortune 1000 sales teams are “high performers,” operating as trusted advisors. A whopping 69 percent never achieve greater than “moderate performer” status. In contrast, 78 percent of business buyers seek trusted advisors (not just salespeople) and expect them to “add value to their business.” This gap is not easily closed. The demand for a trusted advisor is clear in today’s B2C environment, where customers demand superior experiences, as well as a commitment to their success, in exchange for their business and loyalty,” according to Salesforce. What might be less known is that B2B buyer expectations are being similarly transformed, where 82 percent want the same experience as when they buy B2C. Elevated customer experience may be table stakes for service teams, but it’s a relatively new focus for salespeople. Winning deals is more about understanding customers’ unique markets and preferences—and ultimately being a trusted advisor.

Wingman empowers this fundamental shift to trusted advisor by strategically aligning customer relationship management with knowledge that can be accessed when, how, and why it’s needed. Our vision is to empower high performing, trusted advisors across the value chain, aligning business intelligence and customer engagement to optimize every sales opportunity and drive incredible value into every sales call. We strategically align knowledge, news, digital assets, sales tools, and highly effective just-in-time training within a SaaS ecosystem connected to CRM, and customize the experience for every user role, anywhere, any time, on any device. This SaaS ecosystem links content management, learning management, digital asset management, sales tools, and Business Intelligence within web services and a proprietary tablet-based app to ensure that the full value of the brand is present in every sales opportunity.

Effective sales funnel strategies build on “Awareness––Interest––Desire––Action.” Our strategic selling methodology is designed to build awareness through news and current events. This includes product launches, seasonal merchandising, segmentation, and management of category, shelf, competitor sets, etc.; drive interest through just-in-time training and education; propel desire through account intelligence, selling tools and sales strategies; and initiate action by linking target accounts to company product and/or service opportunities.

Initially developed for technology giants Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems, and optimized for alcohol beverage by Diageo and Treasury Wine Estates, Wingman helps retailers, CPG companies, and sales organizations across multiple verticals transform their sales teams into trusted advisors.


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