Hunkemöller Offers Digital In‑Shop Experiences with VTail

At a time when customers can’t make it into physical stores, Astound Commerce and Hunkemöller have launched a pilot with Astound’s virtual shopping tool, VTail: a fully personalised in-store experience via video chat.

As the world enters the next normal, Hunkemöller is expanding its already-strong omnichannel foundation, using VTail to empower customers at home and on the go. VTail will bring Hunkemöller’s premium in-store customer consultation to consumers directly, and wherever they are, via a personal connection with store staff.

“VTail offers a great personalized shopping experience that will give the consumer a new and advanced customer service and advice tooling, connecting both our online and offline consumers,” says Philip Mountford, CEO of Hunkemöller. “This has been a challenging project due to the COVID lockdown, but it gives me great pleasure to be able to launch this new digital solution to our customers, giving them an exceptional store experience through digital tooling.”

For phase one of the VTail rollout, features of the tool will be available at selected stores in the Netherlands. Online customers, shopping through the Hunkemöller webshop, will be able to hold private virtual shopping sessions with Hunkemöller’s sales representatives to see the products and receive advice. The products added to the shopping cart during the session are tracked and can be easily ordered afterwards if desired.

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Astound has integrated the VTail solution with Hunkemöller’s Dutch site as well as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. All information from the website will be available in VTail, allowing customers to conveniently add products into their shopping cart during a live session, all in one application.

And more is coming. Further rollout phases of Astound’s VTail solution for Hunkemöller will include implementation of the tool for other Hunkemöller locations as well as the use of the public broadcast functionality.

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Georgina Wheeler

Georgina Wheeler is an Astound Insights contributor based in Osnabrück, Germany.