How Custom Ecommerce Solutions Can Super-Charge Your Brand

And why profitable pivoting requires an expert's eye

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year and businesses started pivoting to offer more of their products and services online, many ecommerce platforms were grossly overwhelmed.

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In October 2020, online transactions in the US had increased by 26.7 percent since January last year. Retail websites, in particular, generated nearly 22 billion visits in June (versus 16.07 billion in January), a spike that even exceeded typical holiday season peaks.

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To say businesses were ill prepared for the unprecedented swings in sales is an understatement. Many retailers' online stores lacked the speed, processes, and functionality to meet the needs of their consumers—and for some, inefficiencies in their online customer journeys were magnified. Brands both large and small experienced a number of pain points including:

  • Low conversion rates
  • Website glitches
  • Order processing bottlenecks
  • Site architecture problems 
  • Disconnected customer journeys
  • Poor relationships with consumers
  • Lost revenue
  • Poor solution support
  • Disconnected channels

One thing has become abundantly clear: Ecommerce platforms are complex and dynamic, and cookie-cutter tactics no longer work for businesses wanting to evolve and implement innovative solutions to their problems. By adopting custom solutions, however, companies can address their immediate and chronic pain points head on.

The Top 2 Must-Do’s to Improve Your Ecommerce Business

Astound Commerce recommends implementation of the following strategies. By embracing them as a core part of your business, you can address many existing problems and continue to grow successfully in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Adopt a creative omnichannel approach. To recover from the past many months of social distancing and forced closures and re-engage consumers, businesses must take a creative omnichannel approach, shifting quickly to online channels to engage with consumers. Many have already done so: close to 90% of sales have moved to a phone, web, or video conferencing model, and B2B companies now view digital interactions as two to three times more useful than traditional sales interactions.  

A creative omnichannel approach engages an entire digital ecosystem. Businesses can connect with consumers personally, offering them the right messages at the correct times on ideal platforms. Providing value and ensuring people that your business truly has their best interests in mind will help you connect on a deeper level that creates a lasting connection.

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  1. Find the right solution support partner. Ecommerce platforms must be monitored, updated, and maintained on an ongoing basis, and emergency troubleshooting is of course essential as well. That’s where a reliable solution support team comes in.

Instead of waiting until a crisis occurs, a quality and reliable solution support team will address present and chronic pain points before they create snags in your business. Your solution support partner will ensure your website is fully optimized to track and measure sales, smoothly lead customers through the buyer’s journey, monitor behaviors, add new products, and integrate subsystems.

Solution support is also fundamental for growth and stability. A top-notch support team will continually develop your site, adding new apps, and integrating algorithms to keep everything fresh and exciting, so your business can maximize traffic and revenue.

Solution support should address the customer and ensure their shopping journey is easy and beneficial from start to finish. Your business should aim to not only build a loyal customer base by meeting expectations but also create a life-enhancing experience of priceless value. 86% of buyers, after all, will pay more if they have an excellent customer experience.

Solution support capabilities include:

  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fixing defects
  • Ongoing development planning
  • Continuous optimization
  • Meticulous and ongoing auditing
  • Pinpointing performance problems
  • Examining and optimizing customer touchpoints
  • Maximizing sales acquisition opportunities
  • Assisting with audience building 
  • Creating a unique and authentic customer experience 
  • Offering support for the customer 

Astound understands that businesses must be ultra-connected in today’s world and have a 360-degree view of the customer. If you’re ready to solve your customers’ unique problems—both now and in the future—Astound’s custom solutions can help.


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