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We’re living in a paradox. Customers expect to be known at all times while simultaneously having privacy protected at all costs. And that’s forcing brands to walk a tightrope. If you’re the misguided brand who bothers its customers by collecting information about them and then doesn’t use that information, you’ll quickly find yourself spotlighted in the next featured webinar about what not to do with customer data.

Erika McGrath
Global Vice President, Salesforce Data Cloud and MarTech, at Astound Commerce

So what’s a well-meaning brand to do in this environment, where individuals produce an infinite amount of customer data across devices and channels, and businesses are expected to not only capture said data but also make it actionable, all while meeting customers’ equally high expectations around privacy?

At Astound we’ve been wrangling customer data for over 20 years. Commerce is what we do, customer data is what we know, and we’ve invested in designing a process that solves this very problem.

We believe the Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the foundational technology in any larger MarTech stack. Set up and leveraged fully, a CDP will provide the capability for brands to understand their customers and leverage insights to deliver on customer expectations for highly personalized cross-channel experiences. Brands with established CDPs are leveraging insights to craft campaign strategies that can move an anonymous individual through the customer journey from unknown →  known → engaged → converted → loyal. And, they are deriving key business KPIs tracked year over year for assessing business health (for example, customer acquisition cost, cost per order, and cost per incremental order.)

However, we’ve read the research and talked to our customers, and we understand a large number of brands are not fully leveraging their MarTech and CDP investments.

We’ve developed a methodology for collecting and actioning zero party data—information that customers and prospects voluntarily share to make an experience better—and/or first-party data, and this methodology is aligned to campaign and activation strategies designed to move individuals through the customer journey. We know how to develop value exchanges that create incentives for consumers to willingly share information. We also know a key issue brands confront after cleansing, transforming, and stitching their customer data into a unified profile is having enough content to message and communicate to different customer segments and audiences. We have teams of strategists, copywriters, and designers who specialize in everything from brand identity to content strategy to content production ready to dive into your brand and business. We’re here to help you define and create what you need to deliver highly personalized content streams that meet your customers where they are.

If you’re looking for a partner to help build out your customer data strategy and launch campaigns that will move your customers from an unknown data point to a loyal, happy customer, get in touch today. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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