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Our Actionable Dreamforce Takeaways

Astound CEO shares 3 game-changers for your brand—think data flow, identity resolution, and speed-to-market accelerators

September’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco marked the first in-person return of Salesforce’s big show in three years, and what an incredible event. From a crowd of 45,000-plus to an impressive roster of speakers from Salesforce and its partners and performances by the likes of Lenny Kravitz and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, #DF22 had us at “hello.” 


Michael Kahn (MK)
Global CEO at Astound

At the core of it all was the announcement of Salesforce Genie, a customer data platform (CDP) unlocking real-time data capabilities across your business, ensuring that you delight your customers with every interaction. Clever use cases were brought to life by Astound client L’Oréal, who presented a demo on shoppable social—wherein the newly launched Salesforce Genie Customer Data Platform saves the day when an Instagram influencer almost abandons her purchase. Meanwhile, auto giant Ford demonstrated Genie’s ability to optimize the driving experience, from charging notifications to courtesy car delivery and upgrade offers. THE TAKEAWAY: Your brand simply can’t afford to miss the personalization potential Genie represents—and you need a partner with expertise in how to unleash that potential. With more than 20 years of experience architecting data flows within the Salesforce ecosystem, Astound is ready to help you integrate Genie into your current architecture to deliver a true Customer 360 view.

Shortly after the Genie announcement, our Global Head of HLS John Audette took the stage with Pranay Agrawal, Executive Director, Commercial Business Technology, at Allergan parent company AbbVie to discuss our co-creation of a global multi-channel commerce solution. John then followed that up with a “Table Talk” on how to best engage with patients more meaningfully, through identity resolution. Best quote of the talk? “It’s much worse to send the wrong content to the wrong person than it is to miss an opportunity to engage.” THE TAKEAWAY: In the HLS space especially, it’s crucial to show up right, or not show up at all. Trust the identity resolution experts at Astound Health to deliver the omnichannel view of the customer you need to deliver relevant, timely messaging that turns browsers into buyers. 

Interacting with the right audience, and nailing that interaction in a way that makes the customer feel truly known, came up time and again in conversations we had throughout the show. Our clients know they need to be fully connected across all areas of the business and from that unified, connected place, implement an advanced personalization strategy that hinges on customer data. It’s a requirement that dovetails perfectly with Astound’s debut of Launch360, our new suite of Salesforce accelerators spanning Storefront, Composable, All in One, and CDP. Launch360 CDP in particular quickly brings core Genie CDP features to life, furthering your business’s ability to use the platform’s insights to better understand and engage with your customers. THE TAKEAWAY: The right partner solution can transform a good-enough implementation into a game-changer. Our Launch360 accelerators feature over 2,000 UX and visual design enhancements, vertical-specific site configurations, and accelerated time to market, ranging from 8 to 12 weeks to release-ready.

With all that Genie and Launch360 enable, there is so much for your brand to capitalize on in this do-or-die moment in digital commerce. Our team’s expert understanding of these offerings will propel your business forward at speed. Ready for the right solutions and strategy to fuel your exponential growth? Let’s go


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