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8 Weeks to an Agile Salesforce Composable Storefront?

Astound just made it possible, with our newest Launch360 Salesforce accelerator

Today we’re excited to announce Launch360: Composable, our best-of-breed reference application built on the Salesforce Composable Storefront for Salesforce B2C Commerce and part of our suite of Launch360 Salesforce accelerators.

Madison Dickson,
Senior Solution Architect at Astound Commerce

Ecommerce technologies are ever-evolving. Brands want more control over their customer experience: faster page speed, richer user experiences, quicker feature releases, and most importantly, higher conversion rates. Recently, the market has turned its attention to composable architecture as a solution that boasts best-of-breed services combined with better agility and cloud-native performance. 

But while 80 percent of businesses say they are planning to go composable or headless in the next two years, not everyone feels ready to migrate from their current architecture.

If adopting a new tech stack seems daunting, Salesforce and Astound Commerce have each been working hard to take the headache out of headless. Enter Launch360: Composable, built on the Salesforce Composable Storefront.

Leveraging the core tenets of composable architecture and modern ecommerce frameworks, we have brought best-in-class solutions together in a comprehensive mobile-first application that drives engagement and increases conversion rates.

In as little as eight weeks, brands can modernize their tech stack with an agile, best-of-breed composable storefront.

Astound’s Launch360: Composable takes the chaos out of composable by speeding time to market with pre-configured third-party integrations for search, content, personalization, payment, tax, fraud, and more. Brands can migrate to composable quickly, keeping their existing checkout or leveraging the fluid SFRA-based checkout powered by Launch360: Storefront, seamlessly integrated using Salesforce’s SLAS bridge. 

With best-in-class integrations, you get a complete suite of modern, interconnected features out of the box, including:

  • Contentful, for a modern content management system, with instant deploys, schedulable content, Commerce Cloud product and category integration, and more.
  • Algolia search, for blazing-fast results and content integration to surface content page matches from Contentful.
  • Uniform, for site personalization. Go beyond product recommendations and tailor your site content to your users with configurable automatic user categorization.

You are not tied to these options, however. Salesforce Composable Storefront offers competitive features in these areas out of the box. Or if you’re already leveraging a content management system, search, or other third-party solution provider, we’re happy to work with you to compose the right feature set for your business. 

As part of Astound’s Launch360 suite of Salesforce accelerators, Launch360: Composable also seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products to help businesses achieve 360-degree views of their customers and one-to-one customer journeys at scale, including:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Order Management
  • Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • MuleSoft, Tableau, Slack, and more
In as little as eight weeks, brands can modernize their tech stack with an agile, best-of-breed composable storefront.

“Launch360: Composable offers a well-thought-out upgrade path to composable commerce,” says Kyle Montgomery, Vice President of Salesforce Commerce at Astound. “We understand the challenges of going composable and have positioned our solution to set our customers up for success as they start their composable journey.” 

Customers demand a fast, seamless experience that captures your unique brand. Reach out today to learn how you can stay ahead of the curve, boost speed to market, and start reaping dividends fast with Astound’s Launch360: Composable.


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