Our digital commerce ecosystems build your brand’s value


We create unique and compelling experiences for customers across all channels and drive sustained business growth for our clients. The first step toward success is envisioning your brand’s future state, defining the building blocks, and creating a roadmap to your
North Star.

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At Astound, merging business vision with design, demand, and technology objectives to inform an overall commerce strategy is the foundation of growth.

We believe commerce is at the heart of why brands and consumers connect—and we know that meeting shopper demand in the moment requires deep commerce expertise to acquire, expand, and retain customer value and drive business success.

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A successful digital platform is more than a functional digital marketplace. It must connect with consumers on a visceral level, creating an experience that engages and delights.

At Astound, design establishes future-focused user experiences and designs that help brands and retailers engage and activate consumers, ensuring that everything we create truly evokes the brand and drives results.

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We know the future is customer-centric engagement across every digital commerce touchpoint, leveraging behavior-based, predictive strategies to generate, capture, and retain consumer demand.

We create cross-channel customer journeys that align inbound and outbound engagement, affiliate partnerships, and story-driven content optimization to expand conversion and deliver superior lifelong customer value.

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Our engineers and analysts don’t simply employ the latest digital tools—they bring them to life.

At Astound, technology encompasses an ecommerce experience build that uses best-of-breed development practices, next-generation systems, and channel integration to master ever-changing consumer expectations, empower business, and enable digital transformation.

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