We implement best-of-breed development practices, cutting-edge systems, and channel integration that master evolving consumer expectations.

Business success is a product of integrated cross-cloud platforms based on industry, retail model, consumer touchpoints, scalability, total cost of ownership, and return on investment. You will benefit from efficient workflows, and your customers will benefit from seamless brand experiences.



We implement, customize, integrate, and develop technology on world-class enterprise solutions and use a proven methodology (the Astound Way Solution Framework) to meet business needs, timelines, and budgets.

Services include:
  • Technology implementation
  • Data processing and flow
  • Platform connectors

Platform Enablement

Our technology teams ensure successful implementations and help you maximize the ROI of your new technology ecosystem. We train staffers in the most effective ways to apply your new technologies.

Services include:
  • Platform training for business
  • Platform training for developers
  • Commerce as a service (managed storefront operations)

System Optimization

We review your existing ecommerce solutions in adherence with the platform’s best practices. We offer performance audit and tuning services and deliver a prioritized list of recommended remediation activities.

Services include:
  • Performance audit and tuning
  • Performance testing
  • Platform audit and remediation
  • QA and test automation

Technology Planning

The best technology roadmaps are drafted for tomorrow, not today. Using bespoke technology programs, we ensure clientsʼ future technical needs are met here and now.

Services include:
  • Technical solution design
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Accessibility and compliance

Technology Support

Technologies are only as good as the problems they can solve in the real world. We are ready and able to resolve your technical challenges at any time, no matter how complex.

Services include:
  • Technology development (ongoing)
  • 24/7 monitoring with L1/L2 support
  • Technology shared L3 support
  • Technology emergency L3 support
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Dave Murack

EVP, Technical Consulting
& Architecture

Every day at Astound, we deliver business value for our customers. Elegantly designed technology solutions are at the start of that digital journey.

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