Client Success Model

Modern commerce is responsible for marketplace disruption so massive that it has fundamentally changed the way we do business. 

How You’ll Succeed

With Astound as your trusted partner, together we’ll design a commerce strategy unique to your business needs, uncover untapped potential, and build an experience-driven ecosystem that ignites business growth, delights your buyers, and turns customers into lifelong advocates.


Gain Clarity

As your business partner, we won’t just give you world-class tools and creative materials. We’ll evaluate how an experience driven ecosystem that fuses ever-evolving technology, data, design, and storytelling will fundamentally change your business. By providing a target for your unique business proposition, we’ll close the opportunity gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Uncover Potential

The potential to extend the value of existing customers and uncover new opportunities is essential to reaching your business goals. Through psychographic, demographic, and geographic journey mapping, behavioral-based data, insights and analytics, site user journeys, and triangulation of conversion touchpoints, we develop acquisition and engagement models that validate your business proposition, uncovering the key to propelling massive ROI.


Refocus Strategy​

With a new understanding of your business and customer opportunity, you can develop a comprehensive strategy for a world-class experience-driven ecosystem. We will enable you to align and connect meaningful brand stories to customers at every digital touchpoint, creating a holistic and unified view of every customer interaction. Our comprehensive approach is the key to driving sustained market growth.


Create Experiences​

Your mobile, socially connected customer demands vibrant, personalized, and innovative cross-channel experiences to remain loyal to your brand. From beautifully crafted, content-rich mobile and web hubs to experiences that remove friction, solve pain points, meet unmet needs, and create joy, we deliver a creative blueprint that encompasses every aspect of the customer journey, testing and optimizing as we evolve.


Empower Technology

Your ecosystem’s design will be unique to your business offering, requiring systems integration that flawlessly activates a 360º view of your customers. It will also require platform development that links cross-cloud, third-party, and OMS/POS integrations with CDP, analytics, and marketing automation, connecting every aspect of the digital experience anywhere, any time, in any channel, on any device.


With your unique business needs as a guide, we develop and deploy your experience-driven commerce ecosystem flawlessly, on time and on budget. With more than 2,000 completed projects and industry-leading customer service scores, we stand by our work, offering 24/7 support and development for the life of your commerce ecosystem.


Attract & Activate

Based on the opportunities we’ve uncovered, you’ll attract audiences that are most likely to love your brand by creating content and experiences that are highly relevant to them. Combining data, storytelling, search, social, email, and paid advertising will allow you to acquire and engage audiences, nurturing cross-channel relationships based on shared interests, behavioral intelligence, real-time market research, and relentless testing.



In the new digital economy, channel loyalty is as vital as brand loyalty. In order to help you deliver value that cannot be replicated in marketplaces or through third-party partnerships, our concierge, customer service, loyalty, and advocacy programs engage your customers with unique, ownable experiences. Through these avenues, you’ll be able to turn single purchases into lifelong relationships.


Measure & Optimize

Everything we do is a data point. Our deep web and channel analytics, social listening, focus groups, user/usability testing conversion/adoption rates, and real-time customer research provide insights that allow you to further refine your ecosystem. We don’t just stop at reporting, either. We provide ideation and follow-through that meaningfully and measurably impacts your customer experience.


Refine & Refresh

Our work with you is never done. Armed with insights, business results, innovation opportunities, and ever-evolving technology and data related to the mobile, socially connected consumer, we help you move forward. We evaluate and iterate. We listen, learn, and react so you can optimize, grow, and ultimately, win.

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