Live-Stream Your In-Store Shopping Experience

Meet VTail by Astound Commerce, a live video shopping solution that brings the in-store experience to your customers, wherever they are.

With the explosive popularity of mobile video and a decreased frequency in face-to-face sales, brands must embrace virtual interactive selling.

Syncing seamlessly with existing digital and social channels, VTail gives your brand a competitive advantage by bringing concierge-level service to your customers 1:1 or en masse, in real time.

Make your brand a leader in the social evolution of online shopping.

Video-Etailing ROI




increase in average
order value




duration of the
shopping journey


satisfaction rate


With mobile video viewership growing by 6% annually, outpacing growth on other video platforms, VTail allows you to deepen trust and connection with consumers.

  • Worldwide mobile video viewers projected to grow to 2.72 billion people in 2023
  • 82% of Gen Z and Millennials watch mobile video daily
  • Mobile video consumption was up 4% in March, compared to February 2020, and accounts for more than half of all mobile traffic

“Interactive video was a growing part of our social and civic lives prior to the pandemic. Now it’s a literal lifeline for both connecting with loved ones and purchasing goods”

Executive Vice President of Global Services
Astound Commerce

Gain a First-to-Market Advantage

With VTail, your brand can:

Boost revenue and
increase conversion rates
quickly and efficiently

Re-engage with existing
customers on the touchpoints
that matter most

Make more-effective use
of customer-facing
employees’ time

Capitalize early on
the live-streaming
shopping trend

VTail’s unique features give your brand a competitive advantage
  • Live shopping with friends
  • Both public broadcasts and private sessions
  • Both web (desktop & mobile) and mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Integration with existing ecommerce features (PLP, PDP, loyalty, checkout)
  • Artificial intelligence for the video-etailing “host,” advising what to show customers and how to show it

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