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It's Time to Go Global

Even if you're not considering engaging in cross-border commerce, your competitors are

With global ecommerce expected to reach US$6 trillion in 2024, the opportunity to gain market share and drive revenue through cross-border commerce is greater than ever before. Still, its complexities require expert competencies that often outmatch the deepest of benches.

So, how can you navigate these complexities and begin to capitalize on the benefits of cross-border trade?

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Start crafting your successful globalization strategy today with 5 Steps to Successful B2B and B2C Globalization: A Guide for Seamless Ecommerce Expansion in Global Markets by Astound and Digital River.

Download your exclusive step-by-step guide and discover the key considerations for launching a seamless global expansion.

Insights include
  • Identifying target markets and the initial research steps you should take––including market analysis, strategic planning, initiating technology investments, and the importance of data analysis
  • Preparation and alignment of back-office capabilities, systems, and processes––including compliance, tax policies, and payments systems
  • Considerations for optimizing payments, checkout, and delivery processes––including last-mile fulfillment
  • Ongoing steps you should take to nurture customer relationships and further your global expansion

Don’t miss a step. Download your guide and start crafting your successful globalization strategy today.


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