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Competition for consumer attention in post-virus commerce is fierce. Can your brand cut through the noise?

The mass consumer shift to digital over the past year makes brand differentiation even more critical in 2021. Download this informative report today and learn how to drive revenue through emerging technologies, experiential commerce, compliant commerce, and more.

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See our new data on how consumer behavior has evolved over the pandemic.

The latest report from Astound Insights, 4 Digital Commerce Disruptions Driving Value Now: How to Harness Them for Your Brand, surveyed 1,000 global consumers. Our proprietary data reveals:

  1. Nearly 40 percent are using mobile payments more often since January 2020
  2. Nearly two-thirds purchase online at least weekly
  3. Consumer participation in virtual events increased by 27 percent since last year
  4. 58 percent are willing to share their personal information in exchange for a more personalized experience

At Astound, we create digital experiences that engage consumers and fuel exponential growth. With a strong global presence, more than 20 years’ experience, and a team of 1,600 deeply passionate experts in the areas of growth, design, demand, and technology, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with visionary brands such as L’Oréal, Boohoo, Halfords, FLOR, TOMS, and Crocs. Astound is responsible for more than 3,000 successful digital commerce projects and 400 end-to-end website launches—sites which last year generated nearly US$10 billion in revenue.


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