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Is your business poised to thrive in the post-pandemic marketplace?

Astound Insights has released its 2020 Global Consumer Survey Report, Resetting the Customer Journey, revealing significant gaps in the online shopper journey and specific changes in consumer expectations in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

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In January, Astound conducted its annual global research, surveying 5,500 online consumers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Two follow-up surveys revealed significant shifts in their behavior and sentiment. Insights from our findings include:

  1. 87 percent of global consumers are wary of the economy’s future
  2. A 60 percent increase in digital shopping trips per week once lockdown orders went into effect
  3. How shoppers graded their online experience based on purchases made before and after the onset of the pandemic
  4. Consumer merchant-type and channel preferences based on varying need-based scenarios
  5. Over one-third of shoppers reported an inability to return an order since the pandemic began, indicating the need for a more frictionless experience

At Astound, we create digital experiences that engage consumers and fuel exponential growth. With a strong global presence, more than 20 years’ experience, and a team of 1,600 deeply passionate experts in the areas of growth, design, demand, and technology, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with visionary brands such as L’Oréal, Boohoo, Halfords, FLOR, TOMS, and Crocs. Astound is responsible for more than 3,000 successful digital commerce projects and 400 end-to-end website launches—sites which last year generated nearly US$10 billion in revenue.


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