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Marketing Technology

Unlocking Your Most Valuable Asset

The ability to better understand your prospects and customers through data is crucial to marketing success, especially as we confront the impact of a cookieless environment. Even the most senior marketers face challenges navigating the size and rapid evolution of the MarTech landscape.

Drawing on Astound’s extensive experience in technology implementations and data strategy, our specialists build and activate a marketing technology stack designed for your brand and your needs. Our cutting-edge MarTech implementations allow you to unlock better customer insights and create more-personalized, cross-channel experiences that spur business growth.
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Data Strategy

Our experts obtain, resolve, manage, and activate your zero- and first-party customer data to empower you to create a single view of your customer and fuel your marketing ecosystem.

Data Prep and Transformation

We clean and transform your data for platform ingestion and modeling processes to ensure data quality and accuracy. We then build custom dashboards, visualizations, and attribution models tailored to your business needs so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Future-Proof Engagement Tracking

We help you employ the latest event-tracking technology that combines security and privacy standards while satisfying multi-vendor marketing and analytics requirements—all while optimizing device and browser performance.

Platform and Systems Integration

Our experts skillfully architect and efficiently integrate your MarTech stack to support your marketing and business strategies against your desired outcomes.

Our Technology Partnerships Support Unparalleled Results

Erika McGrath

VP, Marketing Technology

Today, the most seasoned marketers are grappling with how to meet, much less exceed, prospect and customer expectations. Astound focuses on helping our clients understand their customers through harnessing and activating their owned customer data.
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