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Performance Marketing

Connecting Media, Content & Commerce

Our Performance Marketing practice creates end-to-end digital advertising and experiences, rooted in Astound’s expertise and heritage in commerce, technology, and data.

We use paid media, content, and creative powered by customer insights and perpetually optimized by data to attract new customers, re-engage existing customers, and create loyalty with more-relevant commerce-focused performance campaigns.
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Paid Media

We specialize in building cross-channel experiences to maximize the business value of your media across paid search and shopping, programmatic (social, display, rich media, native), and affiliate program management. We guide new consumers through the purchase journey, continually optimizing to re-engage existing customers.


Our commerce-centric approach to owned experience optimization attracts and converts qualified site traffic. We leverage search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization, email/SMS (managed delivery and creative services), relationship management, and influencer marketing, fine-tuning content for maximum ROI.

Creative Services

We create seamless creative experiences aligned with stages of the purchase journey and continuously optimize based on data. Our capabilities include creative strategy and brand storytelling; creative direction, design, and production across text, visual, and video formats; and ongoing testing, measurement, and reporting.

Dan Malachowski

VP, Performance Practice

At Astound, we have unique customer knowledge from our heritage in building and optimizing last-touch shopping experiences. We’re extending that knowledge to media and content channels as a unique end-to-end partner, from performance to commerce, for our customers.
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