2017 Global Brand Omnichannel Mystery Shopping

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Astound Commerce

2017 Global Brand Omnichannel
Mystery Shopping

By Lauren Freedman | SVP Digital Strategy

The Omnichannel Research Vision

  • Shoppers today utilize a variety of channels to research and ultimately make purchases ranging from digital channels to physical store visits
  • Smartphones play an increasingly important role in these experiences prior to and during store visits as well being ideal for shopping on their own
  • Delivery grows more complex as shoppers take advantage of an array of options from standard home delivery to in-store pickup
  • Heightened logistical options push toward quicker delivery times and even same-day delivery models putting further pressure on retailers
  • Retailers must position themselves in every channel delivering superior customer experiences along with the requisite support to satisfy increasingly demanding shoppers

The Methodology

  • Explore how unified the shopping experience is across channels including activities conducted via:
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • In-store visits
  • Understand the branding, customer experience and services being delivered measuring:
    • Key pages
    • Merchandising tactics
    • Omnichannel connectors
    • Customer service
    • Visit retail stores to evaluate the sophistication of the in-store shopping experience from a technology point-of-view while inquiring about inventory transparency and price matching models





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