Given our heritage, for us, it all begins with technology. It is the practical foundation to how we consult, create and implement. And it’s what sets us apart. For any client project, we balance understanding what the right tools are, and how best to use them in the context of a strategy to achieve specific business goals.


Technology Partners

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Premier Solutions Partner

Congratulations to the entire Astound
Commerce team. We are Salesforce’s 2017

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Global Delivery Partner
of the Year.

Thanks to everyone! #WeAstound

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the leading on-demand ecommerce platform, and a true performance based solution. It is flexible, scalable and leverages a SaaS delivery model that gets you to market faster.

We are Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s number one implementation partner worldwide, with the highest number of certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud engineers on board. We’re also the first Implementation Certified Partner in Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s LINK Solution Partner Program.

Partner since 2004

Key things we like:
  • Advanced merchandising capabilities
  • Automatic upgrades and functionality improvements
  • Easy multi-site implementation and localization
  • Ability to rapidly expand into new markets
  • Easily introduce new brands and product lines
sites launched
certified engineers

SAP Customer Experience

Silver Certified Implementation Partner

SAP Customer Experience helps integrate all customer touchpoints onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print. This empowers brands to create personalized and relevant customer experiences that ultimately drives sales and loyalty. SAP Customer Experience is built on a robust, open architecture and technology, designed to integrate with existing systems and scale for high demand. SAP Customer Experience has the power to kick-start digital commerce projects in just a few months.

Omnichannel solutions are pre-configured for:
  • B2C and B2B
  • Specific regions and industries
Internationalization options embedded to go:
  • Multi-site
  • Multi-region
  • Multi-currency


Professional Solutions Partner


We’ve worked with Magento since its pre-beta stages, so we understand its immense value in the ecommerce space. So we know Magento inside-out, which means we can customize every aspect of the platform to fit your specialized needs.

Our experience with Magento includes:
  • B2C big box
  • B2B
  • Traditional retail
  • Private sales
  • Social commerce
  • Mobile commerce

We specialize in using Magento’s Enterprise platform to build ecommerce sites that address specific performance and operational needs and provide the ultimate shopping experience for customers.

IBM WebSphere Commerce

Silver Business Partner, IBM Premier Partner

IBM WebSphere Commerce solutions for global brands are powerfully integrated across digital, mobile and retail channels. We provide the world’s most innovative companies with this powerful platform for cross-channel and online ecommerce. IBM WebSphere Commerce supports your business model while providing a rich, differentiated customer experience.

Our experience with IBM WebSphere Commerce allows us to rapidly deploy even the most complex solutions.

Things we like:
  • Ability to create personalized and integrated
    cross-channel shopping experiences
  • Establish a competitive advantage through
    scalability, adaptability and maximum
  • No large upfront investments
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Superb multichannel solution with automated
    and integrated online marketing and sales

NetSuite Solution Provider

NetSuite’s highly consistent and personalized shopping experience allows you to develop strong customer relationships and long-term loyalty. You’ll also access our unique service that will help you rapidly grow a successful digital commerce enterprise. Our specialized delivery service standards allow us to tackle complex and technically demanding projects, with Rapid launch/OneApp global capability and scalability for any project.

We’ll tailor your NetSuite solution to meet your specific business requirements, and create a seamless fit with your customers’ expectations of your brand


Solution Provider

Kibo is a comprehensive, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers users, grows sales, and evolves with the changing needs of retail. No matter the challenge, Kibo’s agile software future-proofs your business and powers your success.

Omnichannel solutions that include:
  • B2C and B2B ecommerce experiences
  • Order management
  • Mobile Point of Commerce Solution