BBC Shop

No drama here. Just great results.

Our client

BBC Shop (part of BBC Worldwide North America) offers the US and Canadian audiences the very best of British programming through their website and catalog. Products include DVDs, books, audio books, music, home decor and collectibles developed around top BBC and British brands. Because they are a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC, profits support the BBC’s mission of enriching people’s lives through innovative programs and services that inform, educate and entertain.

Their needs

BBC Shop was looking to transition off an old platform that was running two shops which they wanted to integrate into one. They wanted a fresh start, but they had a tough challenge in that this was April and they wanted to go live before the holidays. For the BBC, April to October was going to represent miraculous speed. Most of the agencies they met with said it couldn’t be done. Astound Commerce said it could, and explained how, by focusing on what was necessary, not what would be nice to have.

The Impact

Organic search traffic up 250%, revenue from organic search up 110% since launch over the same time last year. January online revenue was up about 35% over January last year. The team at BBC no longer worry about launching promotions. Phone costs are down. Putting a new product online now takes less than 5 minutes and it’s searchable. This used to take 24 hours. Sometimes things wouldn’t show up for days.

In Their Own Words

“We came from a theater background where you just get things done. The fire is generally missing in business. Not with Astound Commerce. The show must go on and they understand that. It’s new and refreshing to find. It does feel like Astound Commerce cares as much as we do.”

Rachel DavisManager of E-commerce, BBC Shop