Top brands, outstanding, direct digital shopping experiences

Our Client

BrandShop is in the business of empowering brands to connect and sell directly to their consumers. They provide exceptional technology, illuminating consumer insights and deep industry expertise to transform the way brands digitally interact with their consumers. As a strategic, digital commerce partner, trusted by Fortune 1000 brands in fashion, durable goods, food, electronics, and health and beauty, BrandShop streamlines and enhances every touch point of a high-growth, digital commerce business – from product discovery to order fulfillment, and everything in between.

Their Needs

Approximately 30% of brands are currently selling direct to consumer. According to a recent survey from BrandShop, more than 80% of consumers expect to be able to buy directly from their favorite brands. That represents a 50% gap. BrandShop intends to be the company that helps brands close the gap. To accomplish this they are using enterprise level solutions to this “mid-market” of ecommerce, and even relieving them of the burden of direct contracts with the myriad technology providers required. At the outset, BrandShop selected Astound Commerce to help make it happen. The foundation of the solution is a technology stack that addresses many of the challenges facing brands selling digitally. Astound built this technology stack for BrandShop. And since many clients want something a little different, Astound Commerce also helps with additional custom development where needed.

The Impact

BrandShop has put an awesome “ecommerce machine” and strategy in place to close the nearly 50% gap of opportunity connecting brands and their consumers. As this vision is implemented, Astound Commerce has been there every step of the way by developing technology and strategies to make it happen. It’s been said that without Astound Commerce, there is no BrandShop. That may not be entirely true but it does speak to the mutual respect and value each company has for each other and the trust the two organizations share to move the world of direct to consumer digital commerce forward.

In Their Own Words

““Astound Commerce is a great partner. As BrandShop continues to take the lead as a solutions provider for brands going direct to consumer, Astound will be our most critical partner. Their great reputation, deep experience and knowledge are the perfect match to support our world-class consumer experience and technology infrastructure. In the end, we always know that Astound Commerce has our backs.””

Reuben S. HendellCo-Founder and CEO BrandShop