Outdoor gear with out-of-the-box thinking

Our client

Moosejaw is a leading US-based online and brick and mortar retailer specializing in outdoor recreation apparel and gear for snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and camping. The company was founded in 1992 by Robert Wolfe and David Jaffe, two longtime friends who chose to sell camping equipment instead of becoming wilderness guides.

Their needs

Moosejaw had one of the first online shopping sites to feature a responsive design and a significant percentage of Moosejaw’s sales come from mobile. However, the brand was running on a dated website architecture and several years of website enhancements by different developers had created a complicated patchwork codebase that made updates challenging. As mobile traffic grew to over 25% of total visits to Moosejaw’s website, they wanted to provide an uncompromised shopping experience across all devices, with a tailored platform for mobile users.

The Impact

The project led to a 25% improvement in conversion rate, compounded by a 40% uptick in mobile conversions. The UX was improved dramatically, leading to a significant uptick in conversions across the board. Moosejaw saw mobile conversion rates improve by over 40%. Desktop conversion also increased by 25%. The redesigned Moosejaw website now loads 20% faster than before integration for a number of innovative new technologies, including IBM MQ. No dip in website traffic during the redesign; conversions increased. The new site was designed to be responsive from the ground up, catering to Moosejaw’s significant proportion of mobile users. Moosejaw’s new website added new functionality, offering an enhanced customer experience. The overall user experience was streamlined and modernized, giving a more upscale presentation of Moosejaw’s brand to its customers.

In Their Own Words

“Usually you’d see a little dip in conversion while customers get used to the new site and you work through bugs. But we saw conversions increase over 20% right away then continue to climb”

Eoin Comerford CEO, Moosejaw