Matching the Medium with the Message

Collaboration between Astound Commerce and Avid leads to ecommerce revenue spike.

15% increase on revenue targets
245% increase on ad spend return targets
58% increase on product trials
27% increase of organic sessions
37% jump in yearly organic revenue

Business Environment

Popular media––film, television, and music––continuously ride the breaking crest of technology, driven by their end users to push the envelope on what is possible. Consumers are always searching for images, footage, and sounds that engage and thrill them. But popular media does not have a long shelf life; its appeal lies in its freshness.
That means the software used to design and manage modern media products must be cutting edge, with the power to create new sensory realms easily and on demand. As the world’s leading provider of media software tools, Avid leads all its competitors in product quality and service. But the media solution field is crowded, and it can be difficult for even stellar solutions to differentiate themselves from the crowd.


Avid was determined to ramp up its ecommerce revenue, a goal that required innovative strategies to improve marketing investment return while simultaneously simplifying site content and boosting organic traffic. The company enlisted MarketForce, a Digital River business unit recently acquired by Astound Commerce, for help.

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The marketing team identified several critical objectives: recreating a paid media program to spotlight focus on revenue performance, improving ad spend effectiveness by 50 percent over baseline, enhancing organic traffic opportunities, and establishing better support for website updates. Multiple programs were engaged, including SEO services, digital marketing consulting, and paid media.


The marketing team designed a bottom-up rebuild of Avid’s paid media program, refined the company’s optimization strategy, implemented a holistic SEO plan to support site content requirements, performed econometric analysis to identify highest-performing paid channels, enhanced keyword strategy, and improved bidding logic, thereby increasing search impression share. The team also targeted new audiences through customer databases, audited landing page strategy to increase conversion rates, and bolstered organic traffic by deploying technical audits and recommendations to all pages.

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Implementation of the new strategies allowed Avid to surge past its own business goals:

  • Ecommerce revenue targets were exceeded by 15 percent
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) exceeded targets by 245 percent
  • Product trials increased by 58 percent over baseline
  • Organic sessions expanded by 27 percent and organic revenue jumped by 37 percent year over year