From Transactions to Connections

Crocs’ new global commerce ecosystem delights customers.

9% Conversion Rate Increase

Business Environment

The global footwear market is a constantly evolving and dynamic space that is expected to continue growing significantly through to 2025, driven by the major markets of North America and Asia. The casual footwear segment has been impacted by health-conscious consumers who are looking for on-trend products that are comfortable and have a body benefit. In short, they don’t want to sacrifice comfort and foot health for style—they want the best of both worlds. Crocs is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women, and children. The company offers a broad portfolio of all-season products, while remaining true to its heritage as a leading supplier of molded footwear. The company is best known for its Classic Clogs, having sold more than 300 million pairs of these iconic shoes in 90 countries.


Crocs wanted to put consumers at the heart of its value proposition to build brand loyalty and grow the business, but was hampered by an underperforming digital network that managed more than 20 disparate websites around the world—all of which were experiencing an escalating volume of visitors. The brand needed a modern, experience-driven commerce ecosystem that would unify customer data, enable personalized relationships and empower digital engagement and marketing automation to build business value. Crocs selected Astound as its digital commerce partner due to our proven ability to grow brands, attract customers, and expand businesses globally.

“It all sounds so magical — and easy. But once again, the glitter of technology distracts us from how to best build relationships with our customers."

—Brianne Calandra, Director of Ecommerce Applications and Development, Crocs


There was little cohesion in marketing activities from one site to another, which left consumers confused and irritated. The consumer experience—whether engaging with the brand in social media, checking out the latest styles on their mobile phones, or receiving an offer via email— needed to feel like a complete seamless relationship to increase brand loyalty. We helped Crocs develop a cohesive digital environment to connect 20 online businesses, 400 retail stores, and its digital marketing activities into one seamless experience. This holistic ecosystem is the backbone that would allow the brand to forge strong lifelong relationships.


We established a roadmap to stabilize Crocs’ digital commerce ecosystem and lay the groundwork for a more consumer-centric approach. We systematically migrated many independent websites into one unified system based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud in order to simplify interactions between the brand and its consumers. At the height of the project, eight of our developers naturally merged with the Crocs in-house team to work together to create this new consumer experience. From that stable platform, we then designed new checkout procedures to streamline the web shopping experience.

Our developers replaced old logic handling order entry, checkout, and fulfillment with new logic that combines multiple steps into one. Then we rolled out the new checkout procedure globally to other commerce sites serving the US, Canada, Korea, Australia, Singapore, the UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, China, and Brazil. Each site now features localized content and currencies and enforces consistency among desktop, tablet, and mobile versions. We also optimized back-end processes that interact with business-critical third-party applications, including a data warehouse. All of this was done to be able to unleash the power of the Crocs brand into the future.


Crocs has one cohesive brand that is reflected through a vibrant, international web presence, with seamless support for mobile and desktop users. Each site reflects country-specific languages, currencies, and business practices, simplifying the configuration of shoe orders and triggering unique options for customers. Crocs has unified its corporate marketing activities and created relevant storytelling to intelligently connect visitors to offers based on their browsing histories. Fresh, engaging content encourages personalized commerce experiences and is having a positive effect on how consumers engage with the brand.

9% Conversion Rate Increase
  • Since going live with the new ecommerce sites, Crocs has seen 9 percent higher conversion rates for mobile and website purchases
  • Rearchitecting outdated logic and procedures has significantly reduced the number of FTEs required to manage Crocs’ ecommerce presence, with just three people managing 14 websites
  • Crocs’ director of ecommerce says she would “definitely recommend” Astound to other companies, giving Astound a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 9 out of 10.
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