Playing to Win

How ecommerce experts helped Razer dominate the game

39% yoy increase of affiliate performance
16 new countries with global affiliate programs
116% yoy performance improvement of paid search channel

Business Environment

Gaming is no longer a pastime or even an avocation: it’s a way of life. Every day, millions of gamers log on across the world to play their favorite games. Some play for fun, relaxation, and social connection, while some compete professionally––but they all share the same deep passion. Gaming is essential to their core identities.

From a broad perspective, that’s good news for game producers and retailers. But the popularity of digital games also implies a significant hurdle: how do you impress customers who are technologically sophisticated, deeply versed in gaming culture––and fickle?


Razer, a gaming lifestyle brand that connects with gamers of all ages and priorities, wanted to up its game in the ecommerce sphere. The company needed aggressive growth in its affiliate and paid media programs, smooth management of branding and performance-targeted media campaigns, optimization of existing programs, and improved returns on ad spend (ROAS). Lacking the in-house deep bench needed to implement such an ambitious agenda, Razer turned to MarketForce, a Digital River enterprise recently acquired by Astound Commerce.

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Strategy & Execution

After detailed conferrals with Razer principals and staff, the MarketForce marketing team deployed cutting-edge affiliate marketing, paid media, and creative services programs.

The team revamped existing affiliate and paid media programs, seizing new opportunities and streamlining program efficiency; personalized communications with top affiliates, redefining commission and promotion strategies; consolidated low-performing affiliate programs, launching local programs to expand outreach; and incentivized affiliates with monthly exclusive offers, attractive commission plans, and performance-based bonuses. And to attract new affiliates, assist active affiliates with conversion, and reactivate dormant members, the team implemented an aggressive expansion plan.

Furthermore, the marketing team leveraged best-in-class technology to refine bidding strategies for paid search campaigns and improve ROAS; improved paid search campaigns by deploying consistent ad copy, landing page testing, keyword mining, and full utilization of ad extensions; and restructured and optimized paid social and display campaigns, optimizing cross-channel performance.

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The marketing team’s efforts paid lavish dividends for Razer, pushing up revenues and online store sales dramatically:

  • Year-over-year affiliate performance increased by more than 39 percent
  • Global affiliate programs expanded to 16 countries
  • Year-over-year paid search channel performance improved by 116 percent
  • Paid social channel click-through performance grew by 2x across global markets
  • Display channel click-through performance grew by 129 percent year over year